Saturday, May 26, 2018

Who should replace Trump?

Virtually anyone on the planet would represent a vast improvement over Trump but who should that person be?
by Lara Spenzak

Bernie Sander, Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris are all qualified and ready now to be President
As the day when Trump will be forced out of the White House approaches we need to plan on who should replace him.   Obviously that person is not Pence nor any Republican.   Some people think Hillary Clinton should be automatically put into the White House since she did win the 2016 election.  But is the she the right leader for us now?   Perhaps we need a fresh voice, someone perhaps younger who lead us to a new future who has not commitments to the past but has vibrant image of the America can really be.   A vision that reflects the Diversity of the future.
Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election.
These are deeply troubling times for people living in the United States and around the around.  Trump's collusion with the Russians has resulted in tax cuts for the rich, the rollback of environmental regulations, a dramatic rise in hate crimes and on immigrants.  
One positive is that North and South Korea are uniting together to counter Trump's threats of war.  In fact, people throughout the world are united against Trump.  But Trump is still a danger to the world.
Kshama Sawant represents the future of America and would be a visionary President of America
Kshama Sawant in Seattle would be intriguing option to replace.   She is young, diverse and non-male and would provide a fresh view that reflects the world we live in instead of the madness in Trump's mind.
Whoever the next president is, one thing is certain:  That person will be an improvement.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Positive and Disturbing Trends in Seattle

Seattle remains a progressive city committed to economic and social justice and to opposing Trump.  But there are some troubling trends we must be aware of
By Lara Spenzak
I've been spending more time in Seattle during the past year.  Seattle is progressive capital on the west coast and stands strong with her sister cities in Portland and San Francisco in opposing Trump.   The Resistance shines bright here.
Seattle Proud
Here are some of the positive things that are happening in Seattle:
Protesters successfully staged an hours long protest against Chase Bank which is guilty of providing loans to Climate Change inducing tar-sands oil-pipeline projects.
The Seattle City Council will be voting soon to adopt a $75 million-per-year “head tax” on corporations to help address the needs of the homeless.  It is long past due for corporations to pay their fair share to help address a problem they have helped to create by driving up the cost of living in Seattle.
Resist Trump Tuesday continues on Tuesday, May 8 at 11:45 a.m. outside the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building.
Some bad things:
Seattle police stalked a shopper at REI, verbally harassed him and tackled him to the ground.
Trump-like people took over a town hall meeting to discuss Progressive Tax on Business for Homelessness and Housing Affordability.   They did not allow Seattle City Council person Mike O'Brien or others to discuss this issue.

I really enjoy visiting Seattle and I am considering living there full-time.   Either way, I will do what I can to make sure Seattle remains progressive and not regressive.


Saturday, March 24, 2018

People March Against Trump, the NRA and Gun Violence

The People Say NO to guns
by Lara Spenzak
Today hope was born and it was the young who are showing and lighting the way for the rest of the nation and policy makers who have sat back and allowed the deaths of so many either thru complacey or the all mighty dollar . They have spoken and will continue to speak until the lies and deceit of the NRA are made mute refuted by their voices crying enough is enough . Thank you for speaking for all the victims of mass shootings , drive by shootings , church shootings , street shootings ; it is the children that lead the way .
Republicans and Trump should be worried.  Capital is changing the game and the rules around gun purchases. Voters are riled up, tired of their children being gunned down in school. Youth are on the move, speaking truth and agitating change.
I am so proud of our young people, who just didn't take the usual nonsense talk from the President and the GOP. Today, they showed the world more courage and more maturity than this sad excuse of a President and the GOP will ever have. While he plays golf, they are marching, they are organizing, and many will vote this year, with many more the next year and the year after. They are truly the adults in the room and will truly make America Great Again, unlike this sad example in the WH and GOP. They really think that they can fool us with the "Gun Stock Bump" ban. That's like painting a car with a blown engine and saying it's fixed. No, you're not fooling anybody anymore with your nonsense. The kids will be our leaders and will give America back to it's rightful owners...the People. Trump, Ryan, McConnell, and the rest of the GOP are nothing but tired white old men living in the past trying to tell us what is best for us, while serving their masters with their own agenda. We know what is best for America and it doesn't include none of these worthless people. I would suggest you refresh your resume because you won't fool America anymore. Your train left the station, you're fired.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

California Stands Bravely for Diversity and Immigrants Against Trump

California leads the Resistance against White Nationalism and Trump's illegal anti-immigration policies
by Lara Spenzak
Trump and his abuser of laws, Jeff Sessions represent the most mean-spirited and racist elements of white America. Their archaic views are not welcome in California and are being justly rejected.
It should also be noted that Jeff Sessions lied under oath about illegal and treasonous contact with the Russians.
Trump and Session seek to impose laws that make legal immigration difficult, while demonizing hard-working honest and striving immigrants.
When a society targets certain people with certain origins, while ignoring others, that society is being absolutely being racist. If we demonize immigrants, we are demonizing our own ancestors, many of whom faced the same xenophobic hostility that Sessions and Trump embody. Californians are right to oppose and resist the Federal Government's treatment of Muslim and dark skinned people, under the guise of immigration control. We are upholding the values represented by the Statue of Liberty and our success as a state is closely tied to our embrace off diversity, welcome and opportunity. Immigrants are not criminals, just because they are undocumented, no Law can make a human being illegal.
If the aim here is for every resident/citizen of the United States to look like, sound like, think like and act like Jeff Sessions, then we are in deep trouble. His, and President Trump’s supposition that they are the archetypes of the American man, to be emulated and lionized is beyond my imagination, and preposterous.
California is an advanced state, on par with Germany, Switzerland or Japan. California is centuries ahead of the vast swaths of Medieval America Sessions and Trump represent.
California today reminds us of Florence in the Renaissance, while Trumpist America evokes images of Spain at the time of the Inquisition. For the World`s sake and for California`s future, let's continue to Resist and we will overcome intolerance and we shall have Diversity for all.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trump destroys the U.S. economy with tax cuts for the rich

Life in Trump's America
Trump and the Republicans conspire against working people and immigrants with massive tax cuts for the wealthy
by Lara Spenzak
Trump is determined to send America back to the 1980s when people like him prospered on Wall Street while 99% of population struggled to get food or find a place a live.  
This new "tax bill" is a cruel punishment for the entire country save the wealthy 1%. Only they will benefit because they will be ever more rich while the middle class and the poor---including Trump's 33% base will suffer and some will die of hunger. Only the rich will have the affordable health care every other American deserves. The rest of us will meet in the ER.
2017 has been an ongoing nightmare in America and the future now looks even bleaker with Trump's tax cuts for the rich.   There will fewer jobs for people in 2018 and fewer people will have access to health care and basic social services.  The deficit will soar.  Meanwhile, Trump and his corporate friends will use money that should be used for education and heath care to fund their self-centered lifestyles.
Led by Trump the Republicans have stolen the internet, have undermined the Affordable Health Care Act, have laid the groundwork to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  These acts by Trump and his cronies are custom-made for Putin and his interests and goals. What does Putin get in return? Complete loyalty by Trump, perhaps.

What is rather frightening to me is that these people truly believe that they are actually helping America. They are all on some kind of tax cut high.

That's exactly what happened in Kansas. Those people were ecstatic! Their cuts were supposed to usher in a new age of growth and opportunity.

Never happened. After five years it didn't happen. All it did was bankrupt the state. They still don't accept their failure. The common retort is we didn't give it enough time.
 This is a fascist oligarch coup, stealing from the less fortunate, and lying in the process. MILLIONS will lose their health insurance, and the national debt is now in the ionosphere. This is beyond outrageous, and will strengthen the resolve of those of us who have now had more than enough.

Beware Republicans.  Robert Mueller is still investigating how you stole the election in 2016.  We're coming for you in 2018 and 2020.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Trump gives the Internet away to big corporations

Trump's latest assault on people means fewer people will have access to information and will lose touch with the rest of the world
by Lara Spenzak
This action by Trump and his business cronies is an assault on the principal of open and public internet. The internet is absolutely necessary for the modern world, and the government was bought off by telecomm companies to say otherwise.
Anyone who believes this is about freedom of expression is either delusional or doesn’t know what that means. This is all about giving internet providers and their executive millions in profit.
The internet must be regulated just like any other public utility. Unless the ISP's facilitate infrastructure development, which means, they will bring the speeds not unlike Japan, Germany and all of Western Europe, we the people of North America will demand that the ISP's lower their prices for their substandard service.
The one good thing about this is that outraged people will come out in force to vote out all Republicans and Trump come election time.   Restoring Net Neutrality will be a priority for our next president.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Climate Change strikes Texas and Florida

Climate Change Strikes Texas and Florida.   Climate Change Deniers are out of excuses.
by Lara Spenzak
Do you still deny Climate Change? 
If you voted for Trump this is what you got in return.

2017 has become a very dangerous year for the world.  The Alt-Right and Nazi's are invigorated and we're seen a dramatic rise in Hate, especially in the United States.   Hate against Immigrants.   Hate against people of Color.   Hate against the LGBTQIA community.   Hate against Science.   Hate against Diversity.   Hate against Facts. 

The United States is currently led by someone who denies science and who pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement.   It didn't take long but the destructive results of that criminal action showed themselves in the form of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  Appropriately these examples of Climate Change struck two states that went for Trump in 2016.   Let's hope the people in both states will vote more wisely in 2020.