Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama does it! Health Care is now legal in America and available to all

 People who voted for change and progress in 2008 won a major victory yesterday with the passage of the health care reform bill.  The NeoCons and FOX News tried to stop progress but people want change and they want health care.  Thanks to President Obama, all peoples in the United States regardless of their age, sexual, gender, health or citizenship status will have access to health care.  Health care is a basic human right and cannot be denied to anyone by anyone.

I wish President Obama was around years ago when I needed my health care to begin my transformation.   It took me years to save enough money to pay insurance companies for my breast implants.  But millions of people who want to become the butterflies they are meant to be will get their chance.  Thank you, President Obama.  We love you!


  1. Health care is a human right. The government funding boob jobs? Thats not right, thats sick. I would rather see that cash line some old politicians wallet than in a guy's cans. In Alberta, the government just stopped doing that. If you want to alter how you look in some bizarre way, the leftwingers say that I have to tolerate it. However, it is not right for people to pay for a cosmetic procedure.

  2. Healthcare is HEALTH care, and not mantal, it is physical. You are not sick physically if you want to change your gender - it is somethind that Dianetics can help with (so you can feel like a man again or vise versa). So healthcare should not fund such ambitions at all.

  3. Totally agree with you, Lara. Well said.

  4. a straight n'aviMarch 23, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    dear god you must be trolling. nobody could possibly be this ignorant. ive lost faith in humanity if lara is a real person.

  5. Ha Ha. The NeoCons are mad that people have health care now.

  6. Breast implants should be covered by the government.

  7. our country is as fucked up the ass as you faggots

  8. People are dying of cancer and other horrifying diseases, and your FIRST thought is a boob job?

    Lady, you have no fucking idea how lucky you have it that all you had to fucking save up for is plastic surgery. Transplant patients are especially fucked up because they're gonna be in the hole hundreds of thousands dollars while YOU get to bitch about not having BREAST IMPLANTS just so apparently you hipsters shits get to be "special butterflies"

    You are the very epitome of "Fuck you, got mine." I hope you realize this.

  9. The purpose of health care is make people feel better so I do not understand your hostile response.

  10. you are why i am against healthcare, you think I should pay for YOUR vanity. if you had cancer, ok, but i should never, nor should anyone have to pay for someone's vanity. you dont want change, you want to be lazy, you want to believe you are better than everyone. FUCK the people who dont have jobs, Fuck the people who are in debt, Fuck the fact that obama has put us farther into debt than george bush, you got boobs, congratulations.

    Healthcare is supposed to make people feel better, like i dunno, not dieing, huge difference in being sick and feeling bad cause of your vanity, you are an idiot, you are not brave, and above all you ar ento rational.

  11. Thanks to obama, we all have shitty healthcare and have to pay higher taxes.

  12. Lara said...

    The purpose of health care is make people feel better so I do not understand your hostile response.

    Are you a psychopath or just a troll? (Answer: Troll)

    But hey, I have free time, I'll take this apart.

    Yes, the purpose of healthcare is for people to "feel better" as you so simply put it. However, not only is it meant to make people's fragile little egos feel better by giving them breast implants, it is also used to SAVE LIVES.

    I'm going to repeat that.

    Healthcare is mainly used to SAVE LIVES.

    So the reason I was so hostile is because you completely gloss over the fact that this will help SAVE LIVES and focus on the fact that now a small minority of the population can have elective surgery.

    It's completely self-centered and frankily disgusting that all you can think about is "Special butterflies" instead of being thankful for the vast numbers of others who can now get prescription medications to help treat life-threatening illnesses, people who require life-saving operations, etc etc.

    I say you embody "Fuck you, got mine" because all you cared about is getting what YOU want, for YOUR GROUP. You clearly don't care about ANYONE ELSE getting what they need if they aren't trans.

    I get that this is a troll, but still, c'mon. There're lines you just shouldn't cross, and this is one of them.

  13. The runner of this site, is a faggot. Not a gay, a faggot. There's a difference. I'm bisexual, and this dude is a disgrace to homosexuality. Everyone who protested the avatar movie was. Everyone who agrees with the healthcare is a faggot. Teehee.

  14. You're a fag!

  15. There is nothing informative about these comments... except letting a viewer know that ppl have a lot of hate and I don't understand this. This blog is full of hope and perseverance for a VERY overlooked minority. I admire this very much and find it endearing.
    I hope that differing opinions would spark intelligent discussions but unfortunately, hate blinds our intelligence.