Monday, August 23, 2010

Straight college students should be paired up with gay roommates

Expand your mind and discover who you can be in college

The purpose of higher learning is not only to educate but to broaden one's horizon, to challenge their past assumptions and to make sure they appreciate and understand diversity. What better way to do this than to have someone who considers himself or herself to be "straight" to live with a person of diversity such a gay person?

Much has been made about racial quotas which I do support and they do not go far enough. But we need to start talking about sexual and diversity quotas as well. They best way to combat bigotry and narrow-mindedness to make people deal with their prejudices. If someone enters college never having known a gay or transgender person or never having any kind of relationship with one and leaves college that way then the college has failed.   That's how we end up with people who think Sarah Palin is a political leader.   That's how Bush got into the White House and that's how we got guns, bombs and wars.   Should we not do what we can to create a better world?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Gender Imperialism is defeated in California. Gay marriage is a human right.

Tolerance and diversity are human rights and this was affirmed this week by Judge Vaughn R. Walker who correctly determined that a minority of religious fanatics and conservative fascists do not have the right to impose their views on others or deny rights to people.

As noted here before, it is wrong assume or say that there are specific genders, differences between those genders or to assign genders to people. A gender-free society that allows all individuals to explore who they are and to decide who they are must be our common goal.