Monday, January 10, 2011

A Deadly Combination: Gun violence and Tea Party Extremism

The events of this past Saturday are tragic ones.   They scare me and and all free-thinking people.  They are glaring because we thought we had moved pass the era of violence by electing President Obama in 2008.   We as a people, wanted to move away from war, torture, greed, environmental disregard and ignorance.

But since 2008 extremists has been opposing progress in the form of the "Tea Party".  And on Saturday someone decided to use violence to silence progress.

Because of targets on a map, people are dead.   This cannot be allowed to happen again.

We cannot allow the sale of guns to any individual.  Gun have only one purpose:  To hurt or kill people.   That is wrong and illegal and the sale of guns should be illegal.

We must defend and promote tolerance and diversity.  Young people must grow up understanding that people come in all colors and types.  That is natural and normal and it should be celebrated, not feared.   We must say no to nationalism, war and hate and embrace diversity and tolerance.