Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan is the latest example of the growing danger of Climate Change

Climate Change is here.

The Earth is a living thing and if you abuse a living thing long enough it will lash out in pain. That is what happened to Japan today.

After seeing the horror of what has happened today how can anyone, even the conservatives, deny the reality of Climate Change?

But conservatives are Climate Change deniers. They tend to think there is no harm to the Earth when they drive their SUV's or that oil drilling is not dangerous. The Earth is a fragile living being that deserves respect and we are guests on it. But too many people act like they own the land that that it can be abused anyway they sit fit.

I do not doubt that what happened to Japan has direct links to the abusive behavior of oil drilling and pollution. We saw what happened to Gulf of Mexico when Bush's oil friends at BP continues to rape the Earth there with no regard to the consequences.

The Earth is crying out for help. It is asking for drilling and for the pollution to stop. President Obama, please help.