Sunday, July 24, 2011

A global ban on guns?

With the latest horrific example of gun violence in Norway is it not time to consider a global ban on all guns?

The United Nations has a global mission and right to protect people, human rights and to end conflict.   I think it is time for the UN to start working on a plan that would ban guns in every nation in the world.   This would fulfill the UN mission.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Deadly attack today in Oslo, Norway likely the work of right-wing extremists

Today's terrible events in Norway are a grim reminder that right-wing extremism is still a deadly threat to progressive people everywhere.

Norway represents everything that Neo-Nazis and other Conservatives hate:  It is a progressive and peaceful nation that respects diversity and the environment.   Norway provides health care for its citizens and has invested in green energy.   Norway respects and protects gay rights and free-thinkers.

Norway is the home of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to both President Obama and President Gore.   So this appears to be a calculated political attack from the right.

We live in a world of progress now especially with President Obama transforming the United States to the point where it can be an equal and a friend to a place like Norway.

Diversity, Tolerance and Peace are basic human rights and we must never allow the extremists to take them away from us.