Tuesday, January 24, 2012

President Obama has already won the 2012 election

A wonderful speech by President Obama tonight.

The 2012 election is already over and President Obama has won. He won his second term tonight.

*Tax incentives for companies who bring manufacturing BACK to the US

*Make the rich pay their fair share

*Invest in education and science

*No tax incentives for companies who export jobs

*Higher tax for the wealthy...a CEO shouldn't pay less tax than his secretary

*No tax increase for people making under $250K a year

*Incentives to manufacture technology domestically and keep tech jobs HOME

*Empowering community colleges to be career gateways for unemployed

*Natural gas jobs, Natural gas independence

*Green energy jobs

*Money saved from getting the out of Iraq...use half to pay down the Bush deficit and use half to provide infastructure jobs HERE AT HOME.

Rebuild America.

Jobs Jobs Jobs.

Obama 2012!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

As Republicans continue to self-destruct, President Obama's re-election victory gets bigger and bigger

Can President Obama really be this lucky?

Everyone knows that President Obama will win a second term this November.   He has earned, he deserves it and America needs it.

Yet despite this, Republicans are still pretending they can nominate someone who can "defeat" President Obama this year.   No moderate or intelligent voter will take a Rush clone seriously during the national elections. President Obama will really defeat Gingrich easily. Or Mitt Romeny. I don't know what on earth the GOP voters are doing.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thank you President Obama for reducing the military. It is time for PEACE, NOT WAR

One of the key reasons why people voted for President Obama in 2008 was that they wanted peace.  They were tired and angry about Bush's illegal wars of aggression on Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere.   Instead of investing money in education and green energy and health care, Bush wasted billions on guns, bombs, wars and torture. 

President Obama is keeping is promises.   By removing American military occupation forces from Afghanistan and Iraq, we are replacing war with peace.   Instead spending billions on war, we'll be investing in peace.