Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Road We've Traveled - A beautiful tribute to our great president

Everytime I watch this I become so speechless and I am filled with awe that we have this wonderful, smart and progressive person as our president.   Can anyone watch this and not want a second term for  President Obama?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bravo to Sandra Fluke for standing up for our sexual rights

Thank you, Sandra for standing up for us!

The latest hero in our struggle against Republican oppression and intolerance is Sandra Fluke.   Sexuality is a basic human right and reproductive health care is also a right that President Obama is defending against attacks from the RepCons.

It is no secret that Republicans have issues and fears about sexuality.   They fear gay marriage.   They fear gay people.  They fear bi-sexuals.  They fear transgender people such as myself.   They fear anyone who is expresses sexuality or who even admits to having sex such as Sandra Fluke. 

Sex is natural and yes, SEX IS FUN!  But Republicans in fear and intolerance oppose sexual expression.  This is why they oppose Evolution and in many cases, Nature itself.

Evolution is reality, yet Republicans deny it.  They cling to false religious doctrine and try to impose it on others.

Climate Change is reality, yet Republicans deny it.   They think raping and destroying the Earth is just fine.

Sexuality is reality, yet Republicans deny it.  They think people whould be condemned to a "straight" marriage and not have sex with anyone unless to breed.

Health Care is a right, yet Republicans deny it.  They think insurance companies should simply make profits.

Sexual reproductive health care is a basic medical need and yet Republicans wish to deny it to people.   Sandra Fluke correctly pointed out that many people cannot afford basic medical care and that government has a role to play to meet the needs of the people.   Republicans have been trying to impose religious doctrine on people, most recently by using Catholic extremists to deny people their health care right.    With brave people such as Sandra Fluke leading the way, they will lose.