Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stopping Gun Violence: We're Just Getting Started

Starting in 2009, President Obama undertook a tremendous challenge:  Transforming America from a dysfunctional society into one that is progressive and provides for the basic needs of people while establishing both economic and social justice.

Today, he took us on another step of progress in that direction.

For too long, free-thinking and decent people living in America have been attacked, bullied and killed by the gun-zealots, groups like the NRA and the Republican Party.  During the 1980s, Republicans flooded Central America with guns started conflict there.  They also armed and trained the Taliban in Afghanistan.   During the Bush Error, wars were started in Afghanistan and Iraq, over a million people killed or tortured.

But President Obama has ended all that.

The torture has stopped.  The wars are ending.  Discrimination in America is going away.  Gay Marriage is becoming accepted and legal.    People now have access to health care and today we took a major step in ending gun violence.

Thank you, President.   There's more to be done and we'll be with you every step of the way.

An America without guns means a better world for all

Thank you, President Obama!