Monday, July 15, 2013

Justice for Trayvon: Ban Guns Now

Together we can ban guns

Like so many other people I have been very upset and sad about the terrible miscarriage of "justice" that place over the week.   It is especially frustrating that something like this can happen even with President Obama in the White House.   I feel bad for President Obama because I know he cares and I know he wanted justice for Trayvon.

Everyone knows that Trayvon Martin was murdered.  An innocent child with only candy in his hand and he shot because he was a child of color.  I feel like I lost a child.  So does the President.  So do we all.  We just can't allow this to happen again.

What better way to save the Trayvons of our society by banning guns?   If not for a gun, Trayvon would be with us today.

So let's work together to make America a GUN FREE ZONE.   I mean every gun.  There simply is no legitimate reason to have a gun.  The sole purpose of a gun is create violence and to murder people.

Instead of "gun rights" we need Trayvon Zones where people of all colors can be free from danger and be able to walk around without the fear of being stalked and shot.   We need a society that is free from gun violence.  Where people of all colors and all sexuality are safe from hate.

I feel emotional about this but I am so encourage and proud of all the millions of people who have gathered and protested in defense of Trayvon.  Together we can do this.  We can ban guns.

Please contact the White House  and everyone you know about this.  Spread the word.  Let's do this for Trayvon.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

President Obama makes the 4th of July worth celebrating

Health Care Reform.

Green Energy.

Money for Science and Education.

Ending the Bush Recession and Wars.

Marriage Equality.

Thank you, President Obama!  Thanks to you, America is finally becoming a place of liberty.