Monday, October 7, 2013

Why would anyone vote for Republicans in 2014?

Why would anyone in their right mind vote for a Republican? Anyone whose been paying attention? Anyone who has witnessed the truth of what's been happening?

They have been shooting themselves in the foot, since they took us into the worst recession since the great depression, in '07-'08.

1- The "GOP" led us into a "crashed" economy and the Democratic President has led us out of it.

2- GOP announced that their only focus is to "bring down the president," and has spent the last 5 years trying to do so.

3- GOP , while doing this evil, treasonous plan-- refused to work with the president and Dems in congress, on a daily basis-- causing daily obstruction, gridlock and negating all positive laws/votes -- that would have benefitted the American people-- and America and it's economic recovery.

4- GOP LIED on a regular basis-- screwing congress, the American people, and then blaming the president for everything, in their daily "misinformation campaign" to manipulate hapless, uninformed Americans-- And they're STILL doing it.

5- GOP caused the U.S. to lose our AAA rating and standing in the world, with it's congressional "misfit" behavior-- of an unprecedented amount of fillabusters, debt ceiling obstruction and language, threatening to shut government down-- that made our creditors, other countries, and the markets nervous, in 2011. This was, and IS "un- American."

6- GOP single-handedly, and doggedly-- have worked AGAINST, and DAMAGED America's reputation and the American people-- all for self-serving and treasonous reasons, intentionally-- to defeat a president who has been elected twice, by the American people-- and they did it repeatedly-- at the people and America's expense.

7- GOP obstructed JOBS bills for the American people-- REPEATEDLY.

8- GOP voted AGAINST bills that would have helped grow and strengthen our economic recovery, faster than it did.

9- GOP has NOT done their jobs-- have worse than the other party's record-- yet still got/get paid...

10- GOP blocked and overturned bills supporting our troops/vets, and then lied about it.

11- GOP has now "shut the government down", caused hardship and loss, and have threatened American lives, health, jobs and incomes-- all to "dictate" and childishly get their way on banishing a bill that has already been passed into law .

12- GOP threatens to ruin our country and world financial standing-- again-- by threatening the debt ceiling, AGAIN-- and recklessly crash our economy into another recession/depression, by holding our government hostage and hurting Americans-- in order to get their way,

13- GOP has been working hard to "gerimander" rezone districts, trick and manipulate and suppress the voting process, for the next elections in 2014 and 2016-- CHEATING to gain power. This must be stopped.

14- GOP moderates and "sane" republican conservatives-- have let their party be hi-jacked by a few "right wing nuts"-- and therefore, are as irresponsible and as GUILTY as they are-- until, and unless they come forward and fight back.

This means the "new" GOP:

1- can't be trusted to lead-- even within it's own party

2- can't or won't, protect the average American's welfare and interests-- and the Democratic and voting process

3- can't be relied on to be truthful and forthright, and be "adults" working with the elected party in power.

4- can't or won't, promote and protect the country's reputation and standing in the world--- and in short--

5- GOP are self-serving cowards-- sacrificing America, and their whole party, for a few right wing extremists.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Millions of people now have access to Affordable Health Care

America is catching up with the rest of the world.

The Affordable Health Care is already an amazing success!

Thank you, President Obama!