Thursday, October 9, 2014

Why do the police in Missouri still have guns?

Another African-American youth is shot dead by a police office armed with a gun.

Disarm the police now.

Ebola is a disease not a threat and President Obama is doing just fine

It is sad to see that the crazy Conservatives are claiming that President Obama is responsible for the Ebola outbreak in Africa and that somehow he is guilty of putting Ebola in the United States.

Sad but not unexpected.

What Republicans are really afraid of is that we're seeing how effectively and rationally the Obama administration is dealing with Ebola.   Instead of closing down borders, banning travel and blaming people, President Obama and his administration is helping people and working to solve the problem.

Thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act we are now able to provide easy and affordable health care to people and do so quickly.   Remember it was Romney who promised to take away our health care and had he won the election in 2012 we could be facing a major health right now without the Affordable Health Care Act.

Republicans are desperate because they keep losing elections and they stand a good chance now of losing more this November.  And they know President Obama is going to be in the White House for at least two more years.

But life is getting better for people thanks to President Obama.  The economy continues to improve and recover from the Bush disaster.  People now have access to health care and Marriage Equality is the law of the land.

The crazy Conservatives can continue to say what they want but we are winning and the world is getting better.